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Commissioned Art Examples

BUTTONS: 5 USD (plus a shipping cost)STICKERS: (Note; this character belongs to DC Comics and I do not claim rights to her or her design whatsoever, I am just using her as an example of what a sticker may look like.) 5 USD (plus a shipping cost)

Acrylic OR oil Paintings: 20-40 USD depending on complexity. 8″x11″ canvas panel with a wire on the back so they can be hung. Please keep in mind that oil paintings will take longer to get to you, seeing as oil needs longer time to dry than acrylic. (plus a shipping cost)

Bust up colored: $8. Waist up colored: $11. Full body colored: $15.

COLOR OPTIONS: colored pencil or watercolor(Note; this character belongs to DC Comics and I do not claim rights to her or her design whatsoever, I am just using her as an example of what a colored pencil commission may look like.)

Custom bookmarks! 10-30 USD depending on complexity, I can draw anything you want on it, characters, quotes, etc. 2in by 6in.

Embroidery! Please specify what you would like on your hoop, the color of fabric, the hoop size (I will send you examples of what I have), and any thread color preferences. Prices can range anywhere from $10-40 depending on hoop size and design complexity.

Watercolor earrings! $3-10 depending on size and complexity. Coated in mod podge so they won’t get totally destroyed when wet. Please tell me if you have a metal allergy so that I can choose appropriate hooks. All earring pairs come with backs.

While commissioning please keep in mind that:

  1. The price of the work will double when a second person is introduced into the piece, triple for a third, etc.
  2. If you would like a drawing shipped to you rather than sent digitally, there will be a shipping fee.
  3. I will not draw anything NSFW (that means no gore or nudity)
  4. There is an extra 1-5 dollars for a background, depending on complexity.
  5. I am willing to draw action shots, so long as you give me a reference of what you want.
  6. If you cannot pay for a commission, I may be willing to do an art trade!
  7. BE SPECIFIC about what you want! I don’t want you to be unsatisfied, so please tell me everything you want in the drawing.
  8. If you want your linework done in a specific color, ask me!
  9. Contact me through my instagram artsyfartsysquid or (I will probably respond quicker through instagram)
  10. I accept payment in United States dollars via paypal (which will be set up soon!)
  11. PLEASE BE PATIENT. If I don’t get in contact with you immediately or finish your work immediately, I promise I will do so ASAP!
  12. I ship in the USA only, and apologize for any inconveniences.
  13. Handling is included in all prices.
  14. I have the right to refuse to draw something for you if it makes me upset or uncomfortable. If you are unsure, just ask.
  15. All purchases come with a free gift! The larger the purchase, the larger the gift.
  16. Some of these photos are a little bit old, so check out my instagram for more recent works.