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“This princess saves herself” sticker; 5 USD + shipping. please specify what color you would like it in.)

“respect existence or expect resistance” sticker; 5 USD + shipping)

“We shall overcome” sticker; 4 USD + shipping.

“Curiosity did not kill this cat!” 4 USD + shipping.)

“Binaries are for computers” sticker; 5 USD + shipping)

“Beelieve in yourself” sticker; 6 USD + shipping)

“In a society that profits from your self hate, loving yourself is a rebellious act.” sticker; 4 USD + shipping

“Don’t go bacon my heart” and “I couldn’t if I fried” matching couple stickers, 6 USD total + shipping)

“I think if people had hearts like dogs, the world would be a much nicer place.” sticker; 4 USD + shipping. Please specify what type of dog you would like drawn + color.)

“But satisfaction brought it back” sticker, 6 USD + shipping. Please specify what color yarn you would like and what you want the cat to look like.

“Jack of all trades” sticker, 4 USD + shipping.

“Great minds think alike” sticker, 3 USD + shipping.

“The early bird gets the worm” sticker, 5 USD + shipping.

“The people who never believed in you” sticker, 3 USD + shipping.

“Eighth wonder of the world” sticker, 3 USD + shipping, there is a word spelled incorrectly in this example, but it will be fixed on your purchase.

“Slow progress” sticker, 4 USD + shipping.

“flowers burnt by wildfire” sticker, 8 USD + shipping.

Pooh bear sticker, 4 USD + shipping. (this character does not belong to me, all rights obviously go to Disney).

“1950’s straight white man” sticker, 4 USD + shipping.

Mystery pendants! 1-5 USD + shipping, the higher the price the larger/more complex the pendant will be. I’ll choose any rock/gem/shell that I have and wrap it in wire for you. If you have a metal allergy please let me know so I can choose the appropriate wire.

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Punk Pride stickers! 6 USD each or 25 USD for all 7 stickers + shipping. If you don’t see the pride flag that you want, feel free to ask and I’ll make a new one! Please specify what you what the person in your sticker to look like.

Please note that the stickers I send you will not look exactly like these example pictures, because I make every sticker by hand. If anything, they will probably look better! Please contact me through @artsyfartsysquid on instagram if you’d like to make a purchase. Handling is included in the price. All purchases come with a free gift! The bigger the order, the bigger the gift.